About us

In the early seventies of the past century, based on the foundation of factory for production of pepper and long standing tradition in the production of ground pepper is created the company of "MORAVKA". The company manufactures food products.

With efforts of former management and the community in cooperation with German partners, the most modern factory for the production of food products was built and equipped with a capacity of several thousand tons of finished product.

For historical reasons, generally known during the nineties, even "MORAVKA" could not avoid the fate of most enterprises in Yugoslavia and had stopped working.

In early spring of 2007 most of the assets of the former giant "MORAVKA" were bought by a private company, "PRIMANOVA" from Leskovac, which is owned by Mr. Predrag Stojanović, former founder and creator of the first hypermarket in southern Serbia "ZLATAN TRAG". By founding a production company "MORAVKA PRO", the process of revitalization was initiated, sleeping giant "MORAVKA" that has languished for years in dust-covered memories of idleness.

With reconstruction of the factory, saving all of its production capacity, we have managed, with great financial resources and energy, to start the process of food production in order to completely rebuild and expand the range of products.

The technological level of production has been brought to the previous level capacity from the complete overhaul of the motor pool enviable factories are the backbone of the machine and the line of renowned German manufacturers, "BOSCH" and "PROBAT VERKE". With the purchase of new machinery and equipment "MORAVKA PRO" is at the moment producing about a hundred products from the food coffee, spice, appetizers, ice cream, whipped cream, pudding, etc.

The facilities were designed by the German partner and that after the reconstruction comply with European standards on the production of safe food, "MORAVKA PRO is a former factory renovated range of about 150 products and started with the introduction of new modern products.

Why is our mission difficult? Why invest in this time of high risk? Why deal with food production, in terms of large domestic and foreign competition?

Love for the production of entirely new value to serve customers for the sake of improving the quality of life and a great social responsibility to the owner "MORAVKA PRO" have driven our mission:


Orientation to customers and consumers were created our motto:


How does "MORAVKA PRO" work? By selecting the best ingredients from reputable domestic and foreign manufacturers. By building cooperative relationships with partner suppliers and continuous improvement of these relations, we have built a system of trust and control to our consumers to ensure safe and quality food.

Own import of some of the raw materials we additionally control the quality of our products and create the ability to decisively influence them. Own laboratory for quality testing further enhances this guarantee. Permanent interactive exchange of information provides us access to new technological solutions and their rapid implementation.

Our young and ambitious marketing team from the beginning develops and creates new designs of products which push the boundaries of the aesthetic, in the life of the community. Not being slaves to traditional standards in cooperation with our suppliers of packaging, products are packaged in the most modern and highest quality multi-layer packaging, ensuring that the content does not come into contact with the outside world until the moment of use.

More products are packed in a protective atmosphere of nitrogen to maintain the best flavor and aroma until they are brought to the table of consumers. Doing so, we have made it better, and gave our consumers the most and the best.

Constant control at all stages of production, from procurement, processing, packaging, distribution control section ensures that food, cakes and pastries are healthy, tasty and beautiful in a way that our consumers expect. Introducing an integrated system of standardization FVEI 9001 and HACCP system of food production guarantees the fulfillment of our mission.

Why does "MORAVKA PRO" have a comparative advantage over the competition?

With the principles of mission there are arguably respected regardless of the difficulties in the environment, industrial production method, which relies on the use of traditional best practices, uncompromising respect the primary principles of good manufacturing practices and good hygiene practices and their constant practice, fostering good relations with suppliers, turning them the partners in meeting our goals, standardization and constant control of all segments of production and distribution, possession of modern, high quality of their own distribution, and possession of high quality resources, the human connection of experience and youth, with a high level of consciousness and responsibility toward the community, respecting and protecting the environment and the environment, we are confident that we will fulfill our vision of the leaders in the production of healthy and safe food, and all for the sake of consumers and improve life.