About us

Founded on the tradition of processing red spicy peppers, the most popular vegetable of South Serbia, Moravka built and modernized own production capacities, from the agricultural cooperative of the fifties of the last century turned into a large food company that in the 1980s, in cooperation with German partners.

In the 1990s, in a major economic crisis, Moravka was suffering and economically devastated. The property of Moravka in bankruptcy was acquired in 2007 by the company Prima Nova which owner and founder is Predrag Stojanović.

By returning the former workers, with a lot of enthusiasm and willing, the production capacities of the company were revitalized and modernized, and by the acquisition of new machines and equipment they were increased too.

Today, the company employs about 150 employees, with an assortment of over one hundred products of different groups: traditional and instant coffee, hot chocolate, tea, soup, sauces, ground pepper, seasoning and seasoning mixtures, mashed potato, whipped products, pudding, powdery product, grains and legumes, small packing, appetizers, muesli and cereals and waffer.

Production level is about 7,000 tons of finished products annually.

In 2018, Moravka Pro obtained the ISO22000 and HACCP certification system for managing safe food production.

Moravka Pro is in the process of introducing IFS, the highest standards of food safety control and quality levels of manufacturers.

The production of safe food is our main goal, and the motto is that only the company whose customers are satisfied is successful company.