Private label

Private label products are produced under the name of the retail chain brand, which is usually cheaper than products from other manufacturers of the same product groups, all due to these products being at a price more accessible to a wider population.

Private label products were developed ​​in Western Europe at the end of the last century as a household budget savings needs of the average buyer (consumer) and as the needs of large retail chains to control their sales and profits.

"Moravka Pro" has taken part in the production of PL on the domestic market, producing over 200 products for the trading system - Mercator, Delhaize, DIS, NTL, DTL, Interex, BB kompani, Univerexport, Leburić.

Thus we have proved that we are ready to meet all market requirements.

Respecting the principles of integrated management ISO 9001: 2008 i HCCP in the production of PL, and in the production of own brands, we provide high quality products at an affordable price to consumers throughout the Serbian market.